Publications Projects

As digital and print designer for PHR reports, fact sheets, and more, I created styles and templates using Adobe InDesign, imported and formatted content and images into documents, and exported each publication into final PDF documents.

Sample Publications

This PHR report, published in March 2013, is the result of the International Forensic Program’s collaboration with the Libyan government to assess the country’s needs to identify and repatriate individuals missing and disappeared, both in the recent conflict and under the previous regime.
Libyan report thumbnail
Weaponizing Tear Gas: Bahrain’s Unprecedented Use of Toxic Chemical Agents Against Civilians details PHR’s investigation into the toxic and even lethal effects of tear gas, and its indiscriminate and illegal use in Bahrain.Bahrain Tear Gas report thumbnail
Experiments in Torture, [pdf] a PHR report on the involvement of health professionals in so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques”, gives evidence of the complicity of these professionals in the intentionally harmful practices, ostensibly to prevent the legal threshold for “severe physical and mental pain” from being crossed, and also to give legal cover against criminal liability for torture.
Experiments in Torture report thumbnail
Nowhere to Turn: Failure to Protect, Support and Assure Justice for Darfuri Women [pdf] is the report on PHR’s survey of displaced Darfuri women in the Farchana Refuge Camp in Chad. PHR investigators traveled to Farchana to interview women who had experienced sexual violence both in their villages in Darfur as a result of the ongoing conflict there, and in the camp in Chad.
Nowhere to Turn thumbnail